Best Ways of Mastering a Language

Once you’ve decided that you want to learn English, what do you start with? If you are wondering how you can master the English language, check out these tips.

  • Make an English-speaking friend. When it comes to learning, practice is crucial. You need to speak the language on a regular basis in order to master your pronunciation, oral comprehension, and overall speaking skills. Obviously, it is best to practice with a native speaker.
  • Watch an English movie. There is an abundance of English movies, from horror films to comedies, so there is something to suit everybody’s interests. To give your English language skills a boost pick one and start watching. If you’re afraid you won’t understand everything, you can always put subtitles on in your native language. Even with subtitles, English movies can help you to boost your vocabulary and oral comprehension.
  • Learn a new English word every day. The more English words you know, the better you will be able to express yourself. The only way to improve and expand your vocabulary is to learn more words. Aim to learn a new English word everyday.
  • Learn English grammar. The bottom line is that learning grammar is an essential part of learning any language. In spite of the difficulty of the task, thoroughly understanding English grammar is essential to mastering English. Grammar mistakes undoubtedly weaken your verbal and written production of English. The less grammar mistakes you make, the more fluid and natural you will sound.
  • Read a book written in English. From Shakespeare to Hemingway, the world of English Literature is vast, varied, and incredibly rich. And if you’re just getting started with English and can’t handle a classic yet, don’t hesitate to pick a book for children. They can really help you to master the basics of grammar and sentence structure.
  • Take a course. Studying on your own can only get you so far– if you are serious about learning English, it is definitely a wise idea to take an English course.
  • DON’T BE AFRAID TO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, just keep calm, speak English and enjoy it!!!

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