Language Learning Outside of the Classroom

The thing about language is that it is everywhere. The biggest complaint I hear from people learning a foreign language is the lack of immersion or that they have no way to practice or experience their target language. The best way to learn is, obviously, by visiting a country that speaks your desired language. This, however, is not always a realistic option so I have compiled a small list of activities that can help create an immersive environment right from your own dwelling. 


Talk to yourself: As silly as it may sound, talking to yourself is a great way to practice language. In order to get used to speaking in another language, you need as much practice as possible and, therefore, talking to yourself is a great means to achieve said goal. However, I would not suggest doing this in, say, a public place where people will think that you are mentally ill. Although, I am not one to judge if you enjoy messing with people.

Music: Music is always a great way to learn a language. Find a band that you enjoy that sings in your target language and suddenly you have listening practice. The fact that you listen to these songs over and over will cause you to get used to the sound of words and when you get around to learning them later you will immediately recognise the pronunciation and learn that much faster. In addition, if you sing then that counts as speaking practice. In fact, research shows that singing can help you learn languages[1].

Video games: This is a fun one and a personal favourite of mine. Find a translation for your favourite video game into your target language and play that way. The platform “Steam”, for example, hasan option for many games that allows for easy change back and forth between languages. That way you can play your favourite games and will be learning, or simply be exposed to, your language of choice all at once.

Hobbies: Add language learning to your hobby. If you like to draw, then learn the words relevant to drawing or draw out the words in a fancy font or with a picture of the meaning. This is especially useful for more visual-based learners. If you are fond of sports, then watch them in another language or learn sports terminology. Whatever you like, chances are there are words and activities associated with it that can facilitate language learning.

Stickers and Flashcards: Make stickers that displaythe names of various things and stick them to the corresponding object. For example, make a sticker that says "desk" in your target language and then stick it to your desk. Voilà, learning.

Flashcards are handy because you can take them everywhere and use them whenever you have a spare moment.Also, the fact that you are taking the effort to make these cards will only help you in consolidating the new words.All the same, there are flashcard apps for smartphones if that is more convenient than making your own cards by hand.

General Immersion: Frequent exposure to your target language is key. Watch TV or videos in that language, listen to the radio on the internet, change your phone’s language, put posters in your room that are in that language, and do whatever you can to incorporate the language into your life.

Speaking of phones, there are many language learning apps you can download as well as dictionaries for translation on the go. Look around in your daily life and see what names of objects you already know and with which you are not so familiar. Create lists of words to learn then find out how they translate in your free time.


Language learning is everywhere; you just need to think in a language learning mindset.

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