The influence of the teacher on students

Everyone is very special and unique in our world. This thought concerns all jobs and every professional as well. Being a teacher is even more fascinating as one might suggest. Being a teacher means being a role play to the students. Having chosen this profession, one must be aware of what it may lead if you make a mistake. Teachers spend much time with children and when a kid becomes an adult, this individual comprises plenty of features of the people that surrounded him all his educational path, especially the peculiarities of the teachers that have been teaching him.


A really good teacher never stops learning. Yes, I mean learning, not simple teaching. Only a well-educated person that is eager to learn new things, develop his personality and broaden his outlook can be proudly called a professional in his sphere of work. It is undoubtedly a big pride to see your students in the future and know that a part of their success belongs to you, as you have been a part of his or her life.

Being an English teacher is particularly demanding, as the future pronunciation and grammar knowledge depends on the personal knowledge of the teacher. I strongly believe there is no room for mistake in this case. That is why, never be shy to check oneself, as the rules are changing, your own teachers might have mistaken as well. The only thing you can trust is not your mind but dictionaries and grammar books. It is not a shame to double check; it is a double shame to teach someone mistakenly.

To conclude, I would like to motivate the teachers not to be too confident in their skills, better check even if you are 100% sure. That is the way I do and, you know, it is working in a good way to both, me and my students. 

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Використання гри в навчальному процесі

Головний феномен гри полягає в тому, що, будучи розвагою, вона переростає в навчання, у творчість та у модель людських відносин.

Ще з давніх часів люди використовували гру як метод навчання. В наш час гра є важливою частиною навчального процесу як в дошкільних і шкільних, так і в позашкільних установах. Головна мета застосування гри – це активізація та інтенсифікація навчального процесу. Сьогодні гру використовують:


Міні-анкета для студентів

Якщо Вами заволоділо непереборне бажання отримати якісні і сучасні знання за світовими стандартами та зробити вагомий внесок у своє майбутнє... Заповніть цю анкету та приєднуйтеся до Harvard Language Club вже сьогодні.

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