The Value of International Language

Imagine there is no international language people can use to communicate. How would they talk to each other while travelling? How would they make contracts? How would they participate in world’s political and economic life? How would they read books of foreign authors? How would they receive news?

Those questions are among many other that could be asked when we talk about the value of international language. Thus, we are really lucky that we study English.

English has already become the language of economics, law, literature, music, art, medicine, etc. As far as you see, so many branches of science and fields of life are concerned with English. When has it become such an indispensable tool of communication? Having done an investigation, I have got to know that there is no exact date. So my answer is about one hundred years ago. It is enough to estimate English as a language we can’t do without.


Here is the greatest example ever to prove the necessity of English. You are an important businessman who is travelling around the world and visiting around 200 countries a year. There is no international language. As a result, you have to know around 178 languages considering that some countries have the same official language. What is important, it is not just about knowing those languages but also being able to use them – to speak them fluently. That means you have to be a genius or a robot. As far as I am concerned it is impossible. So English is a true blessing. The language that simplifies so many difficult things, ruins obstacles to reach desirable wishes, helps to understand others, meet new people and travel abroad.

To conclude, I have to admit that English is also a very motivating language as it is developing with every new invention, technology, culture and generation, and provides us with new words, collocations, phrasal verbs, etc. that supports the proverb “there is always room for perfection” even in such a useful tool as an international language.


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