What can children teach us, adults?

It seems to me sometimes that I teach someone to do something every minute of my life. It`s because of being a teacher and a parent. When I come home from work the process goes on with my almost nine-year-old kid. It appears to be normal and usual because I`m an adult, I`m a teacher, I`m a mother , so my students and my kid listen to me, do what I ask, repeat after me, ask me questions. But I have recently come to realize that this process of teaching does not go into one direction. It`s mutual. Children teach me just like I teach them.

So, what can children teach us, adults? First of all, surprisingly enough, kids teach me discipline. I`d rather say self-discipline. It turns out to be the most embarrassing thing in the world to promise something to small kids and let them down. For me it`s the worst feeling you may ever experience – to see that a child is disappointed. That`s why I never want to disappoint them and try hard to keep my promises. Moreover, I never forget to praise kids for keeping theirs.


One more thing I`m grateful to children for is that they teach me how to be open and frank. They are so eager to share their experience, to talk about their life and ‘adventurers’, they are so innocent and sometimes unpredictable in their views and reflections that I often envy them. Because it`s somehow hard for me, an adult, to share my feelings so freely and easily. But I see how children do this and realize it`s worth it because the more open you are the easier it`s foe you to make friends and get on well with people.

All in all, teaching children is not a piece of cake, of course. But it makes me happy that I benefit from it as well as my little students do. I feel that I become a better person thanks to them. 

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